There are two types of interview preparations for the study abroad process – University Interview and Visa Interview for countries like the USA, UK etc.

University interview is a significant part of the application process and is a crucial element determining your admission success. Once you clear the initial screening consisting of your GPA, Standardized Scores, personal statement, essays, and recommendation letters, a personal interview follows it. The interview evaluates your authenticity, further judges your understanding of university life, and assesses your compatibility with the university you are applying for.

In the process of visa application, a visa officer conducts an interview asking multiple questions to understand the student and their interests and objectives. The chance of receiving the visa successfully is highly dependent on this interview. Being properly prepared for the interview can open the door for stepping into the country of your choice.

We at ACS Nepal not only guide you through every minute detail of the interview process but also conduct mock interviews to ensure your chances of success.